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In acknowledgement of Freedom Day in South Africa on the 27th April, Ipsos South Africa has reviewed some of the major defining statistics of our population.If South Africa were a single village with only 100 adult[1] inhabitants, what would it look like?The average age of those in the “village” will be 36,51 years.One can thus expect issues concerning younger people, like education, economic opportunities and development to be of concern.

Housing type and facilities Almost half of the “village” is made up of houses/cluster houses and townhouses and a further quarter live in RDP or the so-called “matchbox” houses.

He said that following the success of the national rugby team in 1995, came the belief that rugby needed to transform to keep the spirit of the World Cup alive. He said that “quota player” became the new label for non-white athletes in any representative team – a period in which “we” lost our identities.

He said that all non-white rugby athletes have been subjected to the phrase: “You are not like the rest of them.” “In the desire to be trusted for our playing ability we started living up to the expectation of not being “like the rest of them”.

the adult SA population.[3] 1996 figures are from the 1996 Population Census, “The language you speak most often at home.”[5] “Which South African languages can you read?

”[6] “Which South African languages can you understand?

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