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Jillian Michaels had lapband surgery and had lost 100 pounds in preparation to be on Big Brother. The gay guy isn't just femme...he's something new entirely.

She said she wouldn't have been able to do the challenges when she was fat or be able to have a showmance! But that's half the fun--marveling in how poorly produced the show is. Some sort of Urkel/ baby dyke mash up of which the world is not accustomed.

I've never seen this long compilation of the Frankie/Zach romance and I'm a fan of the show and have the 24 hour feed. Watch this whole thing, it is erotic, especially when Zach says Frankie can fuck him.

She didn't or say anything other than (barely) tease Caleb's cock.

He was cute, normal looking and normal acting, and would have been fun to watch. Cody is very handsome, surprisingly short in stature, and easy to dislike. He kept listing off mobster nicknames when he was walking through town and saying he knows everyone. They just kept trying and trying until they had that son no matter what.

I doubt he will last long; he doesn't appear to have good people skills. I wonder if he would have stopped at 10 daughters or kept going. Paul's catch phrases are annoying but imagine all the other awful options Alison had for a returning player.

Which houseguest will bend over and blow a kiss to the camera?

Shades of the most recent winner of Big Brother Canada, Kevin Martin, who famously flirted with the two gay guys on the show and even exchanged hand jobs with one of them.

The women they cast simply do not stick together in this game the way the men do. Notice how Cody's "secondary" alliance members are the girls he thinks are hot? I want to see fighting but I don't like mean-to-the-core people such as Cody. A lot of the pre-season promotional material said he was 32, so I thought he was lying when he told Paul he was 27, though now the BB19 Wiki is saying that he's 27 (but just about anyone can edit that). Also apparently Jessica made vomiting sounds when Trump was brought up earlier, so I guess she's not a Trump supporter?

They also tend to play emotionally and not strategically, often going after women they don't like instead of the men that would either evict them or beat them in the end. A lot of people thought she was because she follows him on twitter/instagram, but I also follow Trump on twitter and I hate him and voted for Hillary, but he's always tweeting crazy shit so, like, why wouldn't I follow him? Elaborating on my post at r256, but during the premiere Cody said that he spent about 10 years in the military (6 years doing something, 4 years doing something else, IIRC), so maybe he got the math wrong (I wouldn't be surprised, because c'mon), but I just assumed that he was in fact older (plus he has a daughter).

But I guess if he spent "about" 6 4 years in the military, give or take a few months, that he could actually be 27 (I was only confused because you obviously cannot enlist until you're 18).

But I guess the math does work out and he is actually 27? Something in their guy minds seeks out, and teams up for strategy, problem solving, friendship, and good bro times .

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