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The table/booth set up was good and I liked how the ladies stayed put and the gents did all the moving around.

It was nice to have a break midway for a leg stretch/bar visit and this was a good chance to continue on a conversation from earlier, make some more notes or just people watch.

An evening of Slow Dating in Bath was better than I imagined it would be.

The venue was excellent (Circo, Bath) and the friendly hosts managed the event professionally and made sure everything ran smoothly.

The response I got from the company was that I should have used the opportunity to go out with friends as the weather was good.

This company has potential, but the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I am sorry that you feel disappointed by your experiences with us.

The first event I attended, only a handful of girls actually turned, leaving me slightly somewhat disappointed.

The second event I attended had a decent turnout, and worked out to be a good night.

I'd encourage anyone looking for a partner, whether online dating or not, to give slow dating/speed dating a go. I've used this company 3 times now, as I liked the idea of having the extra minute with each possible date.I attended Southampton and the venue and atmosphere was excellent with good numbers of dates to chat with.I would recommend Slow dating to any one who is single and looking to date.The slow dating experience is a great way to meet like minded single people in a relaxed environment.These events are always very well organized and they always make everyone feel welcome weather its your first time or you regularly attend the events.

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