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These structures are aligned along 4-byte boundaries; thus if there's a field with size 1 or 2 bytes in the end of structure, there are also additional unused bytes present at the end of the structure which pad it to fill the remaining space.

This type of gap can also occur in the middle of a structure.

This is a flag, which is set to 1 when player first time stealing a vehicle and get a help message about it, to prevent displaying this message again.

Information pertaining to the mission scripts in use when the game was saved.

By default, GTA SA places its saved game files into the folder "GTA San Andreas User Files" which is located in the current user's Documents folder.

The location of this folder varies depending upon the version of Windows installed.

Version 1.x exes make no Version ID String check and will attempt to load any non-corrupted save.

0x0000 External Script Trigger[70] each is 0x14 bytes in size; see details below 0x0578 dword On Mission Flag offset—address of the global variable set by opcode 0180 0x057C dword time when last mission was passed (when either opcode 0318 or 0595 is executed) 0x0580 Static Replacement[25] each is 0x10 bytes in size; see details below 0x0710 Invisible Object[20] each is 8 bytes in size; see details below 0x07B0 dword[20] keeps model identifiers which are excluded from the carparking generation (similar to opcode 03C5). 0x0800 Lod Assignment[10] each is 8 bytes in size; see details below 0x0850 Script Assignment[8] each is 0x14 bytes in size; see details below 0x08F0 byte Boolean: unknown flag (UNUSED) 0x08F1 byte Boolean: unknown flag (UNUSED) 0x08F2 dword scm size 0x08F6 dword max mission size 0x08FA dword missions number 0x08FE dword highest local variable ever in a mission 0x0902 dword Number of Running Threads (n Threads) 0x0906 Thread[n Threads] Thread structures—each is 0x106 bytes in size; see details below External Script Trigger 0x00 word Index in the 0x02 byte Attach type (actor or object) 0x03 byte Type? 0x08 float Radius—vary only for Object Trigger (Actor Trigger uses a pre-defined radius of 5.0) 0x0C word model ID 0x0E word priority 0x10 dword (unknown) 0x14 end Thread Memory Dump: 0x00 dword Next Pointer 0x04 dword Previous Pointer 0x08 char[8] Thread Name 0x10 dword Absolute Base Address 0x14 dword Absolute IP 0x18 dword[8] Absolute Return Stack 0x38 word Stack Pointer 0x3A byte[2] (Align) 0x3C dword[32] Local Variables 0x BC dword[2] Local Timers 0x C4 byte (Unknown) 0x C5 byte 'if' statement result 0x C6 byte (Unknown) 0x C7 byte Is External Script 0x C8 byte (Unknown) 0x C9 byte (Unknown) 0x CA byte[2] (Align) 0x CC dword Wakeup Time 0x D0 word 'if' parameter 0x D2 byte 'not' flag 0x D3 byte 'wb_check' flag 0x D4 byte[4] (Unknown) 0x D8 dword Skip Scene Pos (opcode 0707) 0x DC byte Is Mission 0x DD byte[3] (Align) 0x E0 end This structure contains handle and type of an object created as invisible one.

This block has a constant length of 0x138 bytes Version 2.0 of GTASA will not load a save file if the Version ID String does not match its own Version ID String.

Thus if a game was played on a version 1.x exe using the exact same set of mission scripts as a version 2.0 installation, the version 2.0 game will refuse to load the save unless this ID is changed.

One can adjust the thread pointers in this block and (if converting from 1 to 2) the Version ID String from block 0 to convert a save between the two versions; this applies to either completely unmodded or identically-modded installations of v1 and v2.

As the first section in this block can vary in size, offsets given are from the current section.

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