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I might have said (before I found the pictures) that I felt she should be saving money for college instead of throwing it away on a man who only seemed interested in one thing. From playdates to sleepovers to now weekends when I practically don't see her. And it's been a long time for you." That awkward silence seem to hang all around the air, as if we could reach out and touch it.

But my real excuse, lame as it may sound, was that there was a Christmas gift on my daughter's bed, and I thought it might be for me. The kid shaking the presents to find out what they were beforehand never really grew up. try not to think about it, because sometimes it almost seems like a trade. I guess it's only natural that Kaylee needs someone other than her dad. And all along there were moments when I could see that my little girl was no longer so little.

Not a lot of attention gets paid to the butthole, but I think for girls it's really almost better than a pussy. But as hard as I was, at this angle it didn't look like anything too special. I moved the skin up and down my shaft, faster and faster, stroking myself inches away from my daughter as she leaned over and picked up the last picture. I'll let you fuck my tits if you want." She got down on her knees and started to jiggle her tits, the tank top not really holding them in.

It's why this is so easy to share." She winked at me. I always liked the spread view, where you can see both holes. So Kaylee surprised me by bending down on her knees, setting the pictures at her feet, and working slowly at unbuckling my belt. It's not like you weren't stroking yourself looking at me naked. I am circumcised, a little over seven inches, and wide enough to be noticed. let me see more." I worked out the rest of it as she bent down, again almost flashing her tits in that tight fitting tank top.

So Kaylee knows what I know and considers sex completely natural, not some mysterious thing too fun and forbidden to talk about openly.

Maybe that's a bullet more parents need to bite, because that keeps teenagers from having sex too soon, or having the wrong idea about birth control and safety. Most dads don't make sure their daughter takes their birth control pill every night." "Well I mean without your mother-" "And I know I look like her," Kayle whispered.

It also teaches them the importance of communication with their partner, and that the difficult and awkward conversations are sometimes the ones we need to have the most. And then every functional part of my body just stopped working as my brain struggled to react.

If I found them before Christmas, we celebrated together that night when she got home. I don't want to say it was a fair trade; nothing about it ever seemed fair, most of all that Karen never got to see our baby girl become the beautiful woman she is today. My parents were Puritanical, and I'd rather not see my princess pregnant because she thought praying would work as well as a condom. I couldn't lie, use the popular euphemisms, or skate over things. I just think it might be wrong..." "I've thought that too," She said, her hands playing with her ponytail before moving down her tight brown locks and to her tight tank top, playing absently with one of the straps.

Love has this way of turning our faults into something celebrated together as a harmless idiosyncrasy that only one person really knows intimately. I had to always tell the truth and know when to ask for help. "But a lot of people think sex is wrong," She finished.

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