Municipalities enabling and validating act

In particular, we divide research in modeling cities and urban spaces into the areas of geometrical modeling and of behavioral modeling.The first area overlaps significantly with computer graphics and computer vision—our focus is on algorithms that produce intricate geometry quickly from a compact set of specifications (i.e., procedural modeling).Understanding, describing, and modeling the geometry and behavior of cities are significant challenges that ultimately benefit urban planning and simulation, mapping and visualization, emergency response, and entertainment.In this paper, we have collected and organized research which addresses this multidisciplinary challenge.

Today, more than half of the world’s 7 billion people live in cities.

The second area of behavioral modeling centers on understanding the underlying socioeconomic, meteorological, and resource consumption/waste production processes occurring within an urban space.

Research in urban modeling, even from a computer graphics perspective, must tie the two areas of geometric and behavioral modeling together in order to ensure that useful 3D modeling techniques are developed and are placed within their needed context.

According to the United Nations State of World Population 2007, (further) urbanization is inevitable; although cities embody environmental damage, the potential benefits of urbanization far outweigh the disadvantages—the challenge is in learning how to exploit its possibilities.

Harvard professor and author of “The Triumph of the City” Edward Glaeser affirms that “cities magnify humanity’s strengths…and spur innovation.” TED, the nonprofit foundation that organizes conferences worldwide disseminating “ideas worth spreading,” has recently awarded its annual prize to the idea of “The City 2.0,” which essentially seeks to connect people around the globe to share ideas on how to address the ultimate design challenge: urbanization.

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Dense urban environments are particularly difficult to model geometrically because they are very large and widespread, spanning from a few to hundreds of square kilometers.

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