Pros and cons of dating a player

She’s invested substantially more effort into those areas, after all, which hints at why compliance building early into first meeting her is so important.

This post isn’t geared towards preventing flakes – that’s for another article – but I will give you a few tactics that you can use to mitigate the dangers to your own mental health and time when girls flake.

By now, she’s in no mood to struggle communicating through a boring conversation with you.

As the clock strikes 6pm, signaling the end of her work day it starts raining. Our job as guys wanting to date Asian women is to make ourselves as big a blip on her radar as possible, to give her a real reason to see us, and to stay out of any conflicts …because we’ll undoubtedly lose.

Save the fancy stuff for later after she’s put a bit of work in.

Until she does, save yourself the time, energy, and potential inconvenience and aggravation by putting these three tactics to work.

One of the most common questions I get when I’m working with a client is just how to stop girls from flaking.

The reason that most guys can’t understand or solve their flaking problem is because most of them are so self-absorbed that they don’t look at the dating proposition from the woman’s perspective.

Make it as easy as possible for her to be with you and she will be.

What’s really shocking is the frequency with which Asian girls flake in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, etc.

Korean girls, flake so much, you wonder why people ever make plans at all.

Understanding how self-absorbed you, and everyone else, are is a key step towards optimizing the structure of your interactions with women and your dating life.

So here, off the top of my head, are the top 8 reasons Asian women flake: (Did I say 8..?

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