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UCK-së No.25Prishtinë/Priština Tel: 038/ 245-826Manager: Naim Kelmendi E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]: No Language: Albanian Zëri Address: Media House Prishtinë/Priština Manager: Blerim Shala Tel & Fax: 038/ 249-071 ; 038/ 222-451E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]: Albanian Alem Address: 33 Nëna Tereze Prishtinë/Priština Tel: 044/ 185 100Manager: Nadira Avdic-Vllasi E-mail: [email protected]: Bosnian Gazeta Shqiptare Address: Str.

“Qendra Tregtare III flour, Prishtina Tel: 044/ 161-774 ; 044/ 137-121Manager: Bahrush Morina E-mail: [email protected]: Albanian Glas Juga Address: Gračanica-Laplje Selo 38205 Gračanica, SAMTel: 063/ 856-8377 ; 063/ 816-5361Manager: Zivojin Rakocevic E-mail: [email protected]: No News: published in the paper Archive: Yes Update: Last - August 2005Language: Serbian Java Address: Str.

A Zhitia, No.63Gjilan / Gnjilane Gjilan Region Phone: 0280 20 014; 22 300; 044 132 516Director: Asdren Agushi E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]: No Language: Albanian Radio ENIGMA Adress: Prizrenska No.16 Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje Prishtina Region Phone: 38210 063; 410 832 Director: Bojan Lazic E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]: No Language: Serbian Radio FERIZAJ Official representative of the NGO “House of Culture” Ferizaj / Urosevac Gjilan Region Phone: 044 155 327 Director: Driton Ramadani E-mail: [email protected]: No Language: Albanian Radio FOCUS Address: Dragutin Jankovic Street No.1Rahovec / Orahovac Prizren Region Phone: 029 76 947 Director: Gligorije Saric E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]: No Language: Serbian Radio FONTANA Istog/Istok Peja region Phone: 039 51 125; 044 207 576 Director: Afrim Cacaj E-mail: [email protected]: No Language: Albanian Radio FURTUNA Ferizaj / Urosevac Gjilan Region Phone: 0290 22 640, 044 274 070 Director: Rukie Muça E-mail: [email protected]: No Language: Albanian Radio GJAKOVA Address: Culture House""A. Adem Jashari No.114Gjilan / Gnjilane Gjilan Region Phone: 0280 20 073, 24 175; 044 125 673Director: Agim Kajtazi E-mail: [email protected]: No Language: Albanian Radio GLOBI Address: Agim Hajrizi Square, Department Store"Lux", 2nd floor Mitrovicë/Mitrovica Mitrovica Region Phone: 044 200 458; 028 30 145, 146Director: Selatin Kaçaniku E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected] Web: No Language: Albanian Radio GORAZDEVACGorozhdec /Gorazdevac Peja region Phone:039 67352 Director: Milos Dimitrijevic E-mail: [email protected]: No Language: Serbian Radio GRACANICA Address: Culture House 38205 Graçanicë / Gracanica Prishtina Region Phone: 038 64 866 Director: Dejan Milenkovic E-mail: [email protected]: No Language: Serbian, Roma Radio HAYAT Vitomiricë / Vitomirica Peja region Phone: 044 205 409Director: Numan Balic E-mail: [email protected]: No Language: Bosniak Radio HELIX Address: Hysen Rexhepi, p.n.

Prizren / Prizren Prizren Region Phone: 029 43 795 ; 029 44 009; 044 187 394Fax: 029 44 093Director: Istref Krasniqi E-mail: [email protected]: No Language: Albanian Radio HERC Shtërpc / Strpce Gjilan Region Phone: 063 436 723 ; 0290 70 774 Director: Bojan Mladenovic E-mail: [email protected]: No Languages: Serbian, Roma Radio HIT LASER Pasjan / Pasjane Gjilan Region Phone: 0280 26 762 Directors: Goran & Nenad Maksimovic Web: No Language: Serbian Radio IMPULS Address: 24 November b.b. BKamenicë / Kamenica Gjilan Region Phone: 0280 75 323 Director: Ivan Ristic Web: No Language: Serbian Radio K Address: Rr.

Prizren / Prizren Prizren Region Phone/Fax: 029 22 998 (31696); 044 150 049Manager: Mamer Fushae-mail: [email protected]: No Languages: Albanian, Turkish Radio BLUE SKY Public Service Broadcaster Adress: Rr.

Ganimete Terbeshi No.2 Prishtinë/Pristina Prishtina Region Phone: 038 244 499 Director: Abduselam Ramadani E-mail: [email protected]: No Language: Albanian Radio VALA 2000 Address: Shiroke Suhareka / Suvareka Prizren Region Phone: 029 72 004 ; 044 128 198 ; 044 413 552Director: Naim Grulaj E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]: No Language: Albanian Radio VALA RINORE Address: Eqrem Qabej B2/13, 1Prishtinë/Pristina Prishtina Region Phone: 038 548 461 ; 240 888 ; 044 149 744Director: Ekrem Çitaku [email protected]; [email protected]: No Language: Albanian Radio VICIANUMAddress: Rr.One part of the website that has to do with main articles is available in English.Archive and search engine can be found, no membership required.RFE/RL's corporate board of directors consists of the nine presidential appointees to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).Programs are broadcast in the following 27 languages.

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