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But while a pair from the latter two labels will set you back around £200, you’ll bag some styles of Ray-Bans for less than £100, including its iconic Aviator, Clubmaster and Wayfarer styles.Cough up a just little extra cash and you’ll unlock some of the best names in Italian engineering.You can settle a piece of oasis foam into a chamfer which is present at any cooler.The third and the last way of these series of homemade humidors is called Fridgeador. You just take a switched off fridge or a froster and deposit there a large amount of cigars. On the one hand, they’re one of the most affordable ways to buy a slice of a luxury brand’s prestige.On the other, it’s basically impossible not to lose or, you know, sit on them within a couple of hours of first uncasing.Then, there’s the fact that the vast majority of brands available at your local opticians or online store are all owned and manufactured by one of the three Italian eyewear dons: Luxottica, Safilo and Marcolin – which suggests the shades market isn’t one rife with price wars, leading to a situation where certain designer sunglasses have mark-ups as fat as 200 per cent.

Here you can also align the inside walls with Spanish cedar together with non-poisonous binding material without perfume.

No, the £50-£100 bracket won’t give you access to upper-tier brands, but it’s still enough to buy you both style and sound construction.

First up, Polaroid – yes, the same brand that brought you that camera.

“[They do a great line in] solid, square shapes that put emphasis on details over flashy frames.”Pulling out the stops?

Then know that, while this level of spend on something like sunglasses is enough to make a financial advisor wince, you will gain access to some of the industry’s top tastemakers.“Don’t splurge on trend-driven pieces,” says Cook.

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