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Though the site is bare bones right now, I have decided to share anyway.

We are launching a content site where we will post all of our videos, pictures, audio and even stories. Here are the direct links to the stores: My solo store 2 Girl store I may be switching my schedule a bit and taking off Thursdays, instead of Wednesdays.

I’ve tried, but it makes most people uncomfortable so I’ve gone back to feeling people out before opening my mouth!

Again, it’s nice being around people who are ok and up to talking about anything.

Aubrey and I won’t be doing 2 girl for a while, for the most part anyway.

So we can only do it if the caller is looking for a very long show of cam sex (in the hour range).

Aubrey’s life has really changed since she had her baby and made the move, but we do hope to get back to full 2 girl days where we are available for long hours and can do quickies as well as the longer shows. We still get together often enough, but usually that’s “our time”, not really meant for shows.

I’m really excited to enjoy some time at the beach.

I previously mentioned that my mom is having some health issues. Sometimes she’s doing great and other times she struggles.

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