Who is heidi watney dating now

She had worked on NESN’s Red Sox telecasts and other Red Sox programming for the past four seasons.Her new job allows her to return to her native California.Dell and third baseman Will Middlebrooks publicly outed themselves as an item on New Year's Eve.

Dell's employer, NESN, didn't directly say that was the reason for reassigning her, but those dots are easy to connect.

She loves to present her toned figure and long legs in very classical, elegant and formal ways.

Being very responsible towards her job the talented anchor has always presented herself as a very beautiful and pretty anchor in front of her camera.

Just last month, when the Red Sox were being blown up, Watney apparently went against company policy by commenting on the resurfaced rumors.

She RT’d Red Sox related news as recent as Tuesday and hasn’t updated her profile’s info.

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